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PIMCO Canada Corp. Launches Fee Series Alignment Program for the PIMCO Canada Mutual Funds


TORONTO, ONTARIO June 5, 2018 PIMCO Canada Corp. (“PIMCO”) today announced the launch of its fee series alignment program (the “Program”) for Series A, Series A(US$), Series F, Series F(US$), Series O, Series O(US$), Series M and Series M(US$) (the “Series”) units of each of the PIMCO Canada Mutual Funds.

PIMCO offers different pricing based on whether or not an investor has more or less than $100,000 in a Series of a PIMCO Canada Mutual Fund. Starting on June 30, 2018, PIMCO will transfer an investor into the correct Series, on a calendar quarter basis, if the investor was not already in that Series. This means that an investor’s account will be switched to a Series with lower management fees if they meet the eligibility criteria of that Series or switched to a Series with higher management fees if they do not meet the eligibility criteria of the Series they currently hold. Other than a difference in management fees, there are no other material differences between the Series an investor holds and the Series into which an investor may be switched.

Existing investors will receive a letter informing them of the changes in connection with the Program. For further information on the Program and the Funds, please visit or call us at 1 866 341 3350 (416 368 3350 in Toronto). A copy of the simplified prospectus of the Funds is available on and

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