Fonds d’obligations climatiques PIMCO (Canada)

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Mis à jour 09 avril 2021


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The Fund seeks optimal risk adjusted returns, consistent with prudent investment management, while giving consideration to long term climate-related risks and opportunities by primarily investing its assets in a diversified portfolio of Fixed Income Instruments of varying maturities.

Portefeuille principal

Multi-sector credit fixed income securities with a concentration on climate change solution providers



Fund Overview

A global leader in ESG fixed income investing

PIMCO Climate Bond Fund seeks to be a global climate action leader in fixed income, giving special investment consideration to long-term climate risks and opportunities, consistent with prudent investment management, while seeking optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Why Invest In This Fund

Seeks to directly mitigate first-order climate risks

Addressing climate change has become a first-order issue for many business leaders and policy makers globally as risks and realities mount, and public engagement grows. The fund seeks to address this challenge by investing in efforts to mitigate climate risks today while raising up the providers of long-term climate solutions of tomorrow.

Ability and access to drive solutions

The fund seeks to deliver optimal risk-adjusted returns while supporting positive climate change solutions. The fund aims to do this by accessing a diversified portfolio of multi-sector global bonds from issuers of labeled and unlabeled green bonds, as well as companies demonstrating climate change leadership across the value chain.

Positioned for positive change

PIMCO is well-positioned to influence and support positive climate change solutions. The firm’s expansive reach in fixed income markets due to its size, scope of expertise and ability to engage issuers has made it an impactful participant, which has helped guide companies and move the market toward meaningful climate change solutions.

Our Expertise

The fund’s four veteran portfolio managers Jelle Brons, Ketish Pothalingam, Scott Mather and Samuel Mary collaborate with a large and experienced team across portfolio management, credit research, portfolio analytics and risk management.


BBG BC Global Green Bond - CAD Hedged


Trimestriellement avec intérêt comptabilisé quotidiennement




Jelle Brons

Gestionnaire de portefeuilles

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Ketish Pothalingam

Gestionnaire de portefeuilles

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Scott A. Mather

CIO des stratégies américaines Core

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Samuel Mary

ESG Research Analyst

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Frais de gestion (%)1 0.750%
Ratio des frais de gestion (%)2 -


1Les frais de gestion annuels servent à rémunérer les services de gestion de placement et d'administration générale du Fonds et s'entendent hors taxes.
2Management expense ratio is the total of the fund’s management fee and operating expenses for the stated period and is expressed as an annualized percentage of daily average net asset value during the period.


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Socially responsible investing is qualitative and subjective by nature, and there is no guarantee that the criteria utilized, or judgment exercised, by PIMCO will reflect the beliefs or values of any one particular investor. Information regarding responsible practices is obtained through voluntary or third-party reporting, which may not be accurate or complete, and PIMCO is dependent on such information to evaluate a company’s commitment to, or implementation of, responsible practices. Socially responsible norms differ by region. There is no assurance that the socially responsible investing strategy and techniques employed will be successful. Past performance is not a guarantee or reliable indicator of future results.

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