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PIMCO Pro Bono Corps

In 2016, PIMCO launched the Pro Bono Corps to create sustainable change and growth in the nonprofit sector while developing colleagues’ professional skills and leadership.

PIMCO stands at the forefront of corporate responsibility through its innovative Pro Bono Corps program. Teams of PIMCO employees are paired with nonprofits to develop solutions in areas like financial management and technology by investing their skills in projects that promote sector-wide change and growth.

A notable project aimed at "greening" food banks showcased the collaborative power of PIMCO. The environmental impact of food distribution was not just addressed, but greatly enhanced with strategic frameworks that optimize operations while minimizing environmental footprints.

The winning solution, an impact calculator coupled with a Virtual Volunteer Corps, is now part of the Global FoodBanking Network’s strategic plan, marking a significant step towards sustainable food distribution.

Since launching in 2016, the PIMCO Pro Bono Corps has dedicated over 12,000 hours to 93 different charities.

PIMCO's Pro Bono Corps continues to grow dedicated to harnessing professional expertise for the greater good, directly supporting efforts towards Zero Hunger and Gender Equality. Through this initiative, nonprofits are strengthened and employees' lives are enriched, setting a new standard in corporate social responsibility.