PIMCO's Global Month of Volunteering was developed in 2009 to heighten the impact of our employees' worldwide volunteer efforts.

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Global Month of Volunteering

PIMCO's Global Month of Volunteering was established in 2009 to elevate the volunteer efforts of our employees, worldwide. This annual tradition is a celebration of our longstanding commitment to our communities. Together, we build, enhance and effect meaningful social change.

PIMCO's Global Month of Volunteering (GMV) was started in 2009 as a way to collectively focus our time, skills and resources on positively impacting our communities around the globe. This PIMCO Acts initiative has proven to be popular and effective. We expanded our initial one week of volunteering to our current month of activities and increased employee engagement as a result.

Throughout GMV, we manifest our culture through community engagement and impact. Colleagues, families and friends from across PIMCO’s global offices find many ways to volunteer and give back to their communities by providing meals, gardening, teaching interview skills, mentoring youth, cleaning shelters, playgrounds, beaches, and parks, and so much more. In 2023, GMV kicked off with 178 events and 118 nonprofit partners worldwide.

Our GMV events support many underserved communities, including those that align with our focus on helping advance UN Sustainable Development Goals 2: Zero Hunger and 5: Gender Equality – two fundamental issues pivotal to human development and sustainable worldwide economic growth.

It is an especially crucial time for struggling communities around the world as critical events of the last few years worsened conditions and depleted resources. PIMCO has long understood both the opportunity and obligation to effect meaningful social change, and we will continue to advocate for those in need.

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