Flexible Global Bond Fund (Canada)

Fund Code: PMO306

Updated 19 September 2019


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    211 MM
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Seeks maximum total return, consistent with preservation of capital and prudent investment management.

Primary Portfolio

Primarily non-Canadian dollar Fixed Income instruments of varying maturities


Fund Overview

The PIMCO Flexible Global Bond Fund is an actively managed, core bond solution. The fund invests around the world focusing on global duration. Active positioning will include country selection, yield curve and interest rate views, in addition to relative sector exposures and tactical currency positions. The fund incorporates PIMCO’s best ideas in global fixed income with more flexibility than a traditional benchmark oriented global bond strategy, while focusing on retaining core-bond characteristics.

Why Invest in This Fund?

A global opportunity set

The Flexible Global Bond Fund draws on PIMCO’s global resources and investment process to actively manage what we believe are the most attractive global fixed income opportunities – including developed and emerging markets, corporate and government securities, securitized assets and currencies. The Fund aims to deliver a more diversified global bond allocation that can act as a hedge against equity risk in a portfolio allocation. The fund is designed to reflect PIMCO’s highest conviction macroeconomic views, while still delivering the diversifying value of global bonds.

Broad diversification

The Fund aims to provide a core bond solution across global markets and sectors—from developed to developing countries, nominal to real (inflation-hedging) assets and cash to derivatives. With a portfolio that is more representative of the global opportunity set, investors may be better positioned to benefit from long-term change. Of course, diversification does not guarantee a profit or eliminate the risks of investing.

Expert management positioned around the world

Andrew Balls, Deputy CIO, managing director and head of European portfolio management is at the helm of this strategy supported by PIMCO’s talented portfolio management resources located around the world. Moreover, the portfolio benefits from PIMCO’s four decades of active bond management experience and the expertise of its international portfolio managers from developed market rates specialists to emerging markets portfolio managers, inflation-linked bond experts to credit research analysts.

PIMCO Investment Philosophy and Process

Top-down strategies– which focus on duration, yield curve positioning, volatility and sector rotation. These strategies are driven by our secular outlook of the forces likely to influence the economy and financial markets over the next three to five years, as well as our cyclical views over a six-to-nine month time horizon.

Bottom-up strategies– which drive our security selection process and facilitate the identification and analysis of undervalued securities. Here, we employ advanced proprietary analytics and expertise in all major fixed income sectors.


Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate (CAD Hedged) Index


Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate (CAD Hedged) Index provides a broad-based measure of the global investment-grade fixed income markets. The three major components of this index are the U.S. Aggregate, the Pan-European Aggregate, and the Asian-Pacific Aggregate Indices. The index also includes Eurodollar and Euro-Yen corporate bonds, Canadian Government securities, and USD investment grade 144A securities. It is not possible to invest directly in an unmanaged index.





Portfolio Composition

All data as of unless otherwise stated

Sector Allocation
Duration %

Government Related 49.67
Inflation Linked 0.41
Securitized 14.79
Covered Bonds and Pfandbriefe 1.41
Investment Grade Credit 9.31
High Yield Credit 0.70
Municipals 0.00
EM External 13.23
EM Local 9.85
Other 0.01
Net Other Short Duration Instruments 0.62

Duration in Years

Effective Duration (yrs) 5.07

Top Countries

United States 34.95
Australia 10.20
Spain 9.31
United Kingdom 8.82
China 6.12
Italy 5.90
Canada 5.48
Germany 4.16
Israel 2.75
Indonesia 2.74

Top 10 Country Exposure (FX%)

Japan 3.86
Australia 1.48
Russia 0.77
Poland 0.71
Peru 0.66
Sweden 0.58
Colombia 0.57
Mexico 0.56
Singapore -1.49
Taiwan -2.25
Portfolio Composition Footnotes & Disclosures


Duration is a measure of the fund's price sensitivity to changes in interest rates expressed in years.

Portfolio structure is subject to change without notice and may not be representative of current or future allocations.

Effective duration is the duration for a bond with an embedded option when the value is calculated to include the expected change in cash flow caused by the option as interest rates change.


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