Global Income Opportunities Fund


Updated 22 June 2018


The Fund's investment objectives are to: a) provide holders of Units ("Unitholders") with monthly cash distributions; b) maximize total return to Unitholders through distributions and capital appreciation; and c) preserve capital.

Primary Portfolio

Primarily fixed-income securities selected from multiple global fixed-income sectors


Fund Overview

Pursues income across global fixed-income sectors.

The global economic landscape is constantly changing, causing different bond sectors to go in and out of favour. This Fund’s multi-sector approach allows it to seek out the best income-generating ideas in any given market climate, targeting multiple sources of income from a global opportunity set.


  • Offers access to PIMCO’s best income-generating ideas across multiple global fixed-income sectors.
  • Investments may include mortgage-backed securities, investment-grade and high-yield corporates, developed and emerging markets corporate and sovereign bonds, other income producing securities and related derivative instruments.
  • Dynamic sector allocation reflects PIMCO’s macroeconomic views and assessments of relative value and credit market trends.
  • Closed-end vehicle allows the fund’s managers to invest in less-liquid securities, which tends to increase risk and potential returns.
  • Benefits from PIMCO’s robust credit research capabilities and risk management.

Investment Process

PIMCO has been actively managing income-producing securities for 40 years and is recognized as one of the world’s premier investment managers. Known for its innovative philosophy, global expertise and resources, and skilled investment professionals, the firm has dedicated specialists in virtually every sector of global fixed income. PIMCO’s innovative investment process is designed to add value for clients by marrying a top-down, global macroeconomic outlook with bottom-up analysis from one of the industry’s most experienced research teams.

  • Fixed Income
  • Multi Sector


Alfred T. Murata

Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit

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Daniel J. Ivascyn

Group Chief Investment Officer

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Jason Duko

Portfolio Manager, Bank Loans

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Yuri Garbuzov

Portfolio Manager, Corporate and Financials

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Joshua Anderson

Head of Global ABS Portfolio Management

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Yields & Distributions

Historical Prices & Distributions

Daily Yields

as of 22-06-2018
Daily NAV Distribution Yield1 6.79%
Daily Market Price Distribution Yield1 6.54%

Monthly Yields

as of 31-05-2018
Monthly NAV Distribution Yield1 6.81%
Monthly Market Price Distribution Yield1 6.67%


Latest Distribution ($/Share)2 as of 30-05-2018 (CAD) $0.05688
Dividend (YTD) as of 30-05-2018 (CAD) $0.28440
Special Cash Distribution as of - -
Yields & Distributions Footnotes & Disclosures


1Distribution yields are not performance and are calculated by annualizing the most recent distribution per share and dividing by the NAV or Market Price as of the reported date.
2Data does not include special cash dividends.
Distribution rate is calculated by dividing the last distribution paid per share (annualized) by the market price or NAV per unit as indicated.

Fees & Expenses

Management Fee (%)3 1.25%
Management Expense Ratio (%)4 3.29%


3The Management Fee is applied to the Fund's total managed assets. Total Managed Assets represent net assets plus the outstanding balance of the Fund's leveraging transactions (e.g., reverse repurchases agreements, dollar rolls and borrowings under loan facilities and/or other form of leverage). The fee rate is as of the most recent annual MRFP.
4Management Expense Ratio is calculated as an annualized percentage of daily average net assets, and is as of the most recent annual MRFP.

Prices & Performance

Daily Statistics

All data as of 22-06-2018

NAV $10.05 Market Price $10.44
Daily Change $0.01 Daily Change $0.09
One Day Return 0.10% One Day Return 0.87%
Premium / Discount 3.88%
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  • Average Annual Returns
  • Cumulative Returns

All data as of

  • Daily
  • Month End

All data as of

  • Daily
  • Month End

Past performance is not a guarantee or a reliable indicator of future results. An investment in the fund involves risk, including loss of principal. Investment return and the value of shares will fluctuate. Returns are calculated by determining the percentage change in NAV or market share price (as applicable) with all distributions reinvested. Although market price returns typically reflect investment results over time, during shorter periods returns at market price can also be influenced by factors such as changing views about the fund, market conditions, supply and demand for the fund’s shares or changes in fund distributions. NAV returns reflect the deduction of management fees and expenses. NAV and Market Price returns do not reflect broker sales charges or commissions and would be lower if they were deducted.

Calendar Year Returns %

All data as of

Fund Pricing

(Since Inception) All data as of 22-06-2018