PIMCO Diversified Multi-Asset Fund (Canada)

Enjoy the upside of downside awareness

Combines big picture thinking with the ability to capture opportunities and mitigate risk across different economic cycles and market environments.



Diversified Multi-Asset Fund (Canada) "DMAF": How Can It Help You in Today's Market Conditions?

  • Return Potential

    Opportunities are changing. A flexible approach across a broad universe to seek attractive risk-adjusted returns with a low sensitivity to traditional asset classes.
  • Mitigate Risk

    Risk is not constant. A risk conscious mindset and dynamic approach can be critical to helping smooth the path of returns.
  • Provide Optionality

    Market uncertainty is high. Dynamic risk posture can help capitalize on potential opportunities and mitigate risks.
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DMAF seeks to deliver across market environments and can be used in three key ways:

  • Core asset allocation strategy
  • Liquid alternative strategy
  • Tactical allocation complement


The Bigger Picture

We believe that combining a big picture view of the world with thorough asset-specific research is the best way to form a complete, independent view. To stay updated subscribe below.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future

The recent Fed meeting was a notable development that has influenced our conviction, outlook and positioning for the Fund. By signaling to the market that they will respond if inflation proves to be less transitory than thought, the Fed has reduced the risk of being forced into much faster and more aggressive policy action further down the road and as a result, likely extended the economic cycle. In our view, a longer cycle is one in which our targeted thematic exposures to companies and sectors that stand to benefit from secular growth drivers will outperform the broader market, as the inevitable shift to a greener and more digital economy is given room to breathe. DMAF was highly dynamic throughout the period, adjusting exposures to ensure we are well-positioned to deliver for clients as we move past the reflation story and markets focus shifts back to the future. After having reduced our equity position in March, we have increased our equity allocation (+12.5%) via our thematic baskets and broad market indices while removing more inflation sensitive assets such as gold (-4.4%) as the tail risk of runaway inflation is reduced. ... READ MORE
Rising Tides

Rising Tides

Earlier in 2021 we had introduced a basket focusing on shipping companies, tied to the expected growth in a supply constrained shipping industry. This market is controlled by an oligopoly of alliances, with an ageing fleet and where the supply of boats is slow to increase due to environmental consideration hence, benefiting from high barriers to entry and pricing power. In addition, the pandemic has accelerated the already constrained supply, pushing demand as consumers switched from services like restaurants to goods such as computers and tablets, and standard container rates on some transpacific routes have more than quadrupled. This new cycle is much more physical in nature than the previous one which means higher volume of goods in movement which should keep shipping costs elevated. ... READ MORE
The Green Revolution

The Green Revolution

We continue to look for new ways to capitalize on the green theme, which has been turbo-charged by the pandemic. We have added to our decarbonization & sustainability basket and worked to expand our understanding of the growing and underestimated downstream businesses of our forestry companies. As the race towards net zero carbon emissions intensifies, companies and corporates are looking to negative emission technologies to bolster their efforts. This basket focuses on woodland assets that stand to benefit from this theme as a natural and effective means of carbon capture. Additionally, many of these companies are well placed to benefit from increased use of sustainable materials for packaging and energy production. This basket of high quality, low multiple stocks with high dividend yields and strong ESG scores provides the portfolio with an innovative exposure to the increasingly important sustainability economy. ... READ MORE


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The team combines decades of expertise across alternative strategies and traditional asset classes, and leverages the full depth and breadth of PIMCO’s global investment resources.

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Geraldine Sundstrom

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Emmanuel S. Sharef

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Erin Browne

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